Even those who commit terrible sin are loved by God, the Father.

Friday, April 20th, 2012 @ 15:45

My dearest beloved daughter My children must be told of the intense love that I hold in My Sacred Heart for every child born on this earth.

Even those who commit terrible sin are loved by God, the Father.

Each one of you is a child of God.

Because of this you are abused, tormented and hurt by Satan and his demons.

To those hardened sinners, members of Satan’s army, who know that God exists but who chose to idolise the beast, know this.

No matter how much homage you pay Satan, remember, he does not love you.

He hates you and will destroy you.

His promises to offer you a paradise, both on earth and beyond, are empty lies.

Very soon you will be given proof of My love for you. There will be no doubt in your heart that I, your beloved Jesus, want to embrace you, forgive you and bring you eternal peace, love, joy and happiness in My New Kingdom, the New Paradise.

Never be afraid to turn your back on the life you lead where you idolise all the perceived gifts of wealth, sex and other material comforts offered to you by Satan whose reign on this earth comes to an end shortly.

Only I, your beloved Jesus, can save you.

My Mercy is so great that I will forgive you anything when you feel remorse. Hurry come to Me now.

Do not waste one second for your future happiness is at stake.

I promise you eternal life, peace, love, joy and a beautiful Paradise where you will be loved, cherished and where you will want for nothing.

If you cannot accept My Hand of Mercy now, then when the time comes on the last day, you will be given one more chance to ask Me for Mercy.

When this day comes you will, many of you, realise the mistake you have made.

Yet I will still embrace you like a long lost and much loved child of God no matter how much you have suffered by the hand of evil.

All you have to do will be to call out to Me and ask for My Mercy.

If you are involved, at this time, in a web of deceit and evil from which you cannot escape then I ask you to call on me by reciting this

Crusade Prayer (46) Free me from the chains of Satan

O Jesus, I am lost. I am confused and feel like a prisoner caught in a web I cannot escape from. I trust You, Jesus, to come to my aid and free me from the chains of Satan and his demons.

Help me for I am lost.

I need Your Love to give me the strength to believe in You and trust in You, so that I can be saved from this evil and be shown the Light, so I can find peace, love and happiness at last. Amen.

Your beloved Jesus

Billions of souls, not millions, will convert.

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 @ 16:00

My dearly beloved daughter I must bring comfort to all those who may fear these messages.

Let Me calm you all My dearly beloved followers by assuring you of My Great Mercy for the whole of mankind.

Because of the prayers of My cherished followers, all of which are heard and answered according to the divine timing of My Eternal Father, much conversion is beginning to flourish.

Never give up hope. You are the backbone of My mission on earth to help Me save the whole of humanity. As such you will suffer the pain of the sins of others.

Never assume that the sins of others can blacken the light of God the Most High to such an extent that all is lost.

Very soon all will witness the Glory of God through My Divine Mercy which will be revealed during The Warning.

Billions of souls, not millions, will convert. This will mean that Satan’s power will dwindle when God’s Army will rise in strength to defeat the beast.

All of humanity will know the truth of their existence soon. This will be the turning point for God’s children who will unite in preparation for the New Era of Peace where no sin will exist.

Prayer is important because God the Father gave each person on this earth, at the time of their birth, the gift of free will. Because of this, although He has the power to do anything He wishes, He wants His children to come to Him of their own free will.

God the Father does not want to force His children to love Him.

This must come naturally. But how can you love someone you don’t know?

This is the problem in the world today. Very few know God the Father. Very few know Me, His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

You, My followers, must use prayer so that My Father can bestow special gifts on those souls who are in darkness.

Then they will be shown His Glorious Light and they will be saved.

Through your gift of prayer, God the Father will use divine intervention to bring those who do not know Him or who do not know He exists closer to His heart.

Many souls, however, who do know My Father, and who deliberately turn their back will face terrible chastisements.

They will be given every opportunity but will reject God.

For these souls who conduct despicable acts, common in certain parts of the world, the chastisements will come in the form of earthquakes.

For those global groups who will continue to destroy the countries over which they control, they will be stopped and punished harshly by the hand of My Father.

Again, your prayers are needed to mitigate such sin and subsequent chastisements.

A little more time is needed in preparation for My Divine Mercy to allow for more souls to be prepared for this great event.

It is important that most of humanity can be saved and that all souls, including hardened sinners, are given a chance to re-unite as one with God.

It is My greatest wish that I will reign over most of humanity in the New Paradise.
Your prayers will help Me fulfil My great desire to that we can all become one family in love and unity for ever and ever. Your beloved Jesus

Virgin Mary: When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 10:00

My child, My Son is so happy at the way in which His beloved army obey His Holy wishes to recite His Crusade Prayers. These prayers are for modern times to help all of God’s children to seek the protection they need to deal with the difficult times

which so many souls are facing.

When times seem difficult or painful children, always call on me, your Beloved Mother, to intercede with My Precious Son on your behalf.

Always remember that your personal sacrifices, offered up to God, help to save so many souls on earth.

Your prayers are always heard.

They are never ignored but are dealt with according to the Will of my Father.

So you must be patient children. Always place your full trust in my Son.

Hand Him over all your fears and suffering then you must trust that all will be dealt with by Him.

For those of you, believers, who find it hard to pray or to keep your love for my son alive here is a special Crusade Prayer (47) to help re-kindle your love for Jesus.

Crusade Prayer (47) Re-kindle your love for Jesus
Oh blessed Mother, Mother of Salvation for the whole world Pray that my love for Jesus can be re-kindled
Help me to feel the flame of His love so that it fills my soul

Help me to love Jesus more
Pray that my faith, love and devotion for Him becomes stronger Allay any doubts which torment me and help me to see clearly the Divine Light of the truth which radiates from your beloved Son The Saviour of all humanity. Amen.

Go in peace children. Remember when you ask me to pray for you from the heart I, the Mother of Salvation, will present your request to my beloved Son.

I will never ignore one request once it is in line with the wishes of my Son and according to the Holy Will of the Father.

Learn to trust more children. When you trust my Precious Son you demonstrate your love for Him.
If your love is weak then your trust in Him will also be weak.
Only those of you who humble themselves before my Son will be blessed with the graces given to strengthen your faith. Never give up when you feel despair.
Despair is created by the Evil One.
Just turn to me and I will pray for peace to return to your soul.
When you do this you will be able to reject temptation placed by the Evil One and you will become free.
Your Blessed Mother

Queen of the Angels

Mother of Salvation

Help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter, humanity must know that the time for Me to present Myself to a disbelieving world is not far away.

All of God’s children who are devout believers must now, out of their loyalty to Me, their beloved Jesus, help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.

So much time has already been accorded to entice souls back into My Sacred Heart.

This was important for, without this time, very few souls would be able to enter My New Paradise.

I urge all those, in My Holy Name, to allow Me to guide you to help you proclaim the truth of My teachings in every corner of the world.

Preach My simple teachings first.

Love of one’s neighbour is expected of all those who say they are followers of Mine.

Speak only of My Second Coming.

Anyone who denounces you, remind them that My promise to come again in glory to judge the living and the dead is to be fulfilled during the lifetime of this generation.

My Holy Spirit will flood the souls of those to whom you impart My Holy Word.

But first you must ask Me for this special grace. Before I sanction you to do this most sacred work I call on you to ask me for this grace through the recital of Crusade Prayer (48)

Crusade Prayer (48) Prayer for the Grace to Proclaim the Second Coming of Christ Oh My Jesus
Grant Me the grace to proclaim your Holy Word
To all of humanity so that souls can be saved

Pour your Holy Spirit over me, your humble servant,
So that your Holy Word can be heard and accepted
Especially by those souls who need your mercy the most
Help me to honour Your Holy Will at all times and never to insult or Condemn those who refuse the hand of your Mercy. Amen

Go now, My army, for you have been given the armour you need to convert mankind.

You will be ridiculed in your mission, insulted and challenged. Know that when this happens that you will truly be a child of God. Fear not for I will give you the strength to overcome such obstacles.
I will lead you the whole way. Go in peace and love.
Your beloved Jesus

More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012 @ 20:00

My dearest beloved daughter, the time for the changes in how Governments, all over the world, rule their countries is about to take place.

More nations are joining together and more of God’s children will be governed by one body.

It is time for you to keep your eyes wide open and listen to any changes in laws, which will impoverish you.

Fight laws, which control your food supplies.

God, My Eternal Father, will punish those evil groups should they try to starve His children.

This, My followers, is the time for the third Seal to be revealed.

Although it will not be opened for some time, I tell you this so that you can try to prepare your food by growing your own and keeping foodstuffs so that they will not perish.

In time, your food will be restricted, as well as access to drinking water.

This group, while weakening because of the power of your prayers, mean to starve and poison many innocent people in an attempt to deplete the world’s population.

They will fight hard to bring this about.

While they continue to inflict horror on God’s children, My Eternal Father will create ecological punishments and wipe out millions of these evil people from the face of the earth.

Your weather patterns will continue to change. In time this will affect the ability to trade, so that global powers will be halted in their wicked plans.

Through all of this crisis, you, My Army, must pray to God the Father to protect you from these people and so that they will open up their hardened hearts to the Truth of God’s Mercy.

I tell you this so that you can prepare.

These events will not take place immediately and much of this plan can be averted and mitigated through your prayers and sacrifices.

Evil does not come from God. It arises from greed, love of self and a thirst for power and control. All of these weaknesses are spawned by Satan and placed before world leaders to tempt them, so that they can hurt God’s children.

Don’t let Satan’s powers control your countries.
Pray, pray, pray that you have the strength to oppose measures designed to make you poor, dependent and at the mercy of those

who control your countries. They rule under global powers consisting of the UK, USA, EU, China and Russia.
I, your Jesus, will help you avoid persecution, but remember prayer will be your main weapon.
Prayer can stop these wicked people from taking over your ability to eat, drink, cloth yourselves and attend Christian Churches. Fight in My Name and I will be stand next to you at all times.
Your beloved Jesus

To My sacred servants I say this. Do not make the mistake of your forebears who rejected Me when I came the first time.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 @ 19:45

My dearly beloved daughter know that when a mission like the one I now bequeath to the world, is as important as this, that many people will try to stop it.

They will try to attack you and belittle those who recognise My voice as I try to impart My messages to the whole world.

The scale of the hatred shown towards these messages, delivered through you the end time prophet, will continue to escalate.

Hear Me now all those who say they know Me. I am preparing mankind for My Second Coming.

If you believe in Me, My teachings and say that you know Me, then know that I am sending My end time prophet, along with other prophets, to make you worthy to enter My Kingdom.

To My sacred servants I say this. Do not make the mistake of your forebears who rejected Me when I came the first time. Take heed and listen to My calling for I need you to help Me prepare the souls of My flock before the great miracle takes place. Did you think that I would not send My prophets to warn you?
Did you think I would just herald My return without preparing you and allow souls to perish?

For those of you who denounce My Second Coming, and yet claim to understand My promise to humanity, shame on you.

Your lack of humility means you cannot be cleansed with the Holy Spirit.

You must call on Me for this gift of discernment or walk away from Me.

You have let Me down.You make Me weep with frustration for you are My servants given the responsibility for the salvation of souls which is your ministry.

Now that I call to you from the Heavens I beg you to respond to My call.

I have many chosen souls who work with Me to bring Me the souls for whom I thirst.

It is your duty to rise from your slumber and be alert to My call.

Only those of you who truly love Me will recognise My voice.

Like a mother, an infant will recognise his own and so you, My beloved servants, must call out to Me as an infant to seek reassurance that it is I, your beloved Jesus, who beckons you to take My hand.

I will lead you through a jungle of thorns over which you will have to step in order to reach the gates of My New Paradise.

Did I not tell you that I would come again? To judge the living and the dead?

Well I will come soon and I need you to help Me bring all of God’s children together as one.

Very few now recognise Me because of the veil of deceit which has fallen over the whole world.Many do not believe in God the Father.

Few accept that I, Jesus Christ, His only Son died to save them. Yet they are willing to believe in, and idolise, false gods, which do not exist.

How I weep with a terrible sadness when I witness young people laugh when My name is mentioned and when they sneer at others who publicly admit that I exist.

How I suffer the pain of My Crucifixion when I see those who claim to be Christians refuse to proclaim My teachings publicly for fear of ridicule.

The world has been deceived by the king of lies. Only I can now bring hope and save God’s children from the terrible destiny which is being planned to inflict terror across every nation by those armies of global powerful groups including those under the control of the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ.

All My warnings, given to My end time prophet Maria Divine Mercy, will come to pass.
Until this happens never forget that your allegiance is to Me, your Saviour Jesus Christ.
Without My love and direction you will find it impossible to steer the ship that is My Holy Church on earth. Wake up. Do not reject God’s prophets.

Many now claim to come in My name as the scriptures foretold but do not offer the spiritual food which can only come from Me.

Many are coming forth now so that My main public voice to the world, contained in these messages, in these the end times will be dismissed.

Prayer is your route back into My arms.

Pray, pray, pray for the graces to open your eyes so that you can recognise Me before it is too late.

I need your help, your love and your loyalty.

Remember it was because of Me that you took your sacred vows. Now that I call out to you do not reject Me.

Embrace Me and allow Me to guide you so that you can lead My remnant church and salvage souls.

I give you My special blessing and await you to respond to My call as follows in this Crusade Prayer (49) Pledge of loyalty for Christian Clergy

Oh Jesus I am your humble servant
I pledge my love and loyalty to you
I beg you to give me a sign of your calling
Help me to open my eyes and witness your promise

Bless me with the grace of the Holy Spirit
So that I will not be deceived by those who claim
To come in your name but who do not speak the truth Show me the truth

Allow me to feel your love
So that I can fulfil your Most Holy Will
I ask you with a humble heart to show me the way
In which I can help you to save the souls of humanity. Amen.

Do not ignore My call. Do not reject Me when I come once more.

This time I come not only to save mankind once more but to fulfil the Divine Will of My beloved Father, God the Most High.

Go in peace.
Your beloved Jesus

All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 @ 15:50

My dearly beloved daughter many souls do not acknowledge Me simply because they don’t want to.

They know who I am.

They know that they have been created out of nothing by God, the Father, yet they choose to ignore God.

They use My name in the most casual way many, many, times and My name is included in the curses spewed by those possessed by demons.

It is only when people are afflicted by tragedy that they stop and think of death and any future life they believe may be ahead.

This is why I sometimes punish those souls, out of My Mercy, to bring them to their senses so I can save them.

Through suffering, all those material attractions, sought out by the senses, will become meaningless and be seen for what they are. Fleeting novelties which will vanish within a short period of time.

Many souls are born into this world sent from Heaven. They choose suffering, including those aborted children, as a means of seeking salvation for sinners.

It is difficult for the human mind to understand the Divine Kingdom for no man has been blessed with this gift.

When the fallen angels rebelled against My Father, He – My Father – never forfeited the right of His children to their free will for He will never take away the gift he gave to humanity.

All mankind will have free will until their will unites with the Divine Will of the Father.
Satan takes advantage of free will.
What he cannot fight is when those chosen souls, forfeit their own free will and offer it

to God to save sinners.

By making this sacrifice, through the acceptance of suffering, Satan’s influence is weakened.
Then sinners can be saved even when they have not repented. This is the miracle that is suffering. Your beloved Jesus

Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 @ 20:30

My dearly beloved daughter, again, I must tell all of God’s children not to feel worried or frightened of events to come.
All of humanity will witness My Mercy soon and many, while remorseful for their sins, will not fear Me.
Instead their souls will be flooded with My Divine Love. My Light will radiate through their bodies and they will rejoice. The time for the New Era of Peace brings tremendous joy and excitement for those who acknowledge My Hand of Mercy. Every single sinner is invited to live eternal life and must not walk away because they are confused.

My Era of Peace will be a new earth where twelve nations will rule under My Guidance.

You will live in peace, love and harmony. The natural surroundings you see on the earth today will pale into insignificance when compared with the world which lies ahead.

For those worried or frightened for your family or loves ones – bring them with you to My wonderful New Paradise.

Pray for them and I will give them special graces so that they will be given the gift of recognising My love.

This is My Father’s greatest wish, to see the wonder, joy and love shine through each of His precious children when he unveils the New Paradise.

You will be reunited with your loved ones who died in a state of grace and who will be resurrected from the dead.

Why would you not believe in such a gift? When you trust in My promise to come again then you will feel peace.

All I ask is that you prepare through prayer. When you pray for grace and for others all will be well.

My Mercy is so great that few will fail to recognise My Divine Promise to gather all of God’s children and take them home and away from the vice-grip of Satan and his demon angels.

The truth of My Kingdom will be seen even by atheists who will be shocked. Yet, their disbelief will in most cases turn into humble love and acceptance.

While many difficult times lie ahead none will be so hard that you cannot overcome them, through your love and devotion to Me, your Jesus.

Please do not allow fear to get in the way of accepting, with joy, the gift of My New Paradise.

Those who are loyal to Me will be taken, in the blink of an eye, without suffering into the New Heaven and Earth.

What should concern you are those hardened sinners who will not ask Me to forgive them, who will refuse My Hand and who will, instead, hold onto to their wicked ways.

They need your prayers.
Pray hard for the salvation of their souls. Your Beloved Jesus

God the Father: As the Father of all humanity I am ready to send My Son to reclaim His rightful throne

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 @ 15:40

My daughter these months have been a difficult time, not only for you, but for all of My beloved children.

I am the Father of Creation and love, with a deep passion for each child of mine, no matter how they offend Me.

There is so much preparation required to help prepare souls for the coming of My beloved Son Jesus Christ.

Much of humanity is suffering at this time because of persecution. This persecution not only consists of poverty and lack of money but hunger of spirit.

As the Father of all humanity I am ready to send My Son back to reclaim His rightful throne.

Only I know of this time. Not even My Son is aware of the date.

I can tell you it will be soon and that most of this generation, alive in the world today, will live for the day of My Son’s return in great glory.

I now prepare to gather all of My children as I take them away from the terrible abyss of suffering they have had to endure in the wilderness.

This wilderness was created by the hand of Lucifer and all his fallen angels who have roamed the earth since the fall of Adam and Eve.

Today many of My children find it impossible to believe in Me, God their Creator and Father.

I have blessed My children with intelligence and an independent free will where they can choose whatever way they decide to live their lives.

To guide them towards My Kingdom I gave them the Ten Commandments which are cast in stone.

They have never changed, yet My children feel they were smarter than they are and created new meanings which are unacceptable to Me.

This time for the end of the reign of all of the demons cast out, and who flood the earth, is almost at an end.

I call out to all My children to listen. Your time on earth, as you know it, is drawing to an end.

Yet there is a new earth, a New Paradise waiting for you.

It will surpass anything you could ever imagine and it has been prepared for some time with love for every single man, woman and child.

At last I will unite all of My precious family and we will all live in harmony, peace, love and joy for eternity.

For those who refuse to enter the New Paradise I will do everything in My Power to stop you from turning your back on the inheritance which is rightfully yours.

Because of the gift of your free will, which I will never take away from you, the choice is yours.
All it takes is a turn of your head and the opening of your heart.
Then you must run into My arms so I can take you home.
This is My dearest and most treasured wish, to take all of My cherished children home to the rightful place to which they belong.

Your Loving Father God the Most High

Virgin Mary: My child there will be no death for those who love My Son.

Sunday, April 29th, 2012 @ 10:00

My child you must never think that because of the loneliness of this special calling that conversion is not taking place.

Your mission, sanctioned by My Eternal Father, is to spread the truth of My Son’s Second Coming to all of God’s children.

It is important that those children who do not spend time in honour of and devotion to My Son are told what is to come.

All of God’s children are to be included in all of your prayers for He, My Father, loves everyone.

Even those who have hardened their hearts towards My Father and do not want to acknowledge My Son must be given eternal life.

When the gift of The Warning takes place many sinners will be enlightened and will turn to My Son begging for His Mercy.

Only then will humanity want to listen to the important messages given by My Son through you.

When they realise the truth that the time for His New Reign is to commence they will devour His Holy Word.

Many of God’s children are confused about the existence of Heaven and earth. Many are too frightened to think of life after death.

My child there will be no death for those who love My Son.

Instead they will be taken into the New Era of Peace and the Paradise promised by My Father for all of His children.

You must pray that all of those wandering and lost souls find their way back into the loving arms of My precious Son or they will not be fit to enter the gates of the New Paradise

Your beloved Mother Mother of Salvation

First Secret in Book of Truth reveals plot against the Church by Masonic Groups

Sunday, April 29th, 2012 @ 15:33

My dearly beloved daughter, you have been given a gift, which many would reject out of fear.

Because of the graces afforded you, the strength given, and the fire of the Holy Spirit , you are fully armed to proclaim the prophecies promised to the world, so long ago

The prophecy given to Daniel, when he was told to seal up the Book of Truth, until the end times, when the contents would be revealed, has now come to be.

Revelations given also to John the Evangelist were given, only in part, but some secrets were shown to him in The Scroll of the Seven Seals.

He was not granted the authority to disclose the contents. Instead, he was instructed to put the scroll down and eat it, so that the Seals could not be broken, nor the contents revealed, until this era. By swallowing the scrolls, a clue was given to humanity.

Bitter to eat, the truth causes fear.

It can also offend those who profess to know all of God’s plan for humanity. Yet the Truth, the powerful Love that God has, for every single person on this earth, is sweet for those who acknowledge the Truth.

The Truth is that only I, Jesus Christ, can reveal the secrets, given to John the Evangelist. The sweet Truth will be welcomed, with love, by those who follow God’s Teachings.

It may cause fear, but God’s Power will overcome all evil and all persecution, for He can do anything.

The first secret lies in the fact that God and all His Works have been plotted against, by Masonic groups, established in the Middle Ages.

Their allegiance is to the evil one. He, Satan, is their god and they are proud to pay homage to him, through black masses. Then, there is the Holy See, which has been under fierce attack by this group, since 1967.
Slowly, they have infiltrated My Church , not just within the Vatican, but within the ranks beyond, in every country.
Their deliberate contamination of My Church has resulted in evil atrocities inflicted on innocent victims.

Their love of money and power is nothing compared with the sickening devotion they show to the king of lies, Satan, himself. He is openly worshipped in groups and in secret. Priests and other holy servants, including bishops and cardinals have aligned themselves, in certain quarters, with this group.

The evil acts they participate in are too serious to reveal to you, but know that they offer human sacrifices to the evil one, in churches set up to offer the Holy Eucharist of the Holy Mass.

This group, so careful to hide their true activities from those genuine and holy priests, holy bishops, holy cardinals and other sacred servants, commit vile acts.

They hate God with a ferocity that would shock you. The powers given to them, by Satan, has meant that their wickedness, greed, lust and sexual deviations, are welcomed by their followers, in all countries.

They greet each other with private signals, designed to show allegiance to each other.

One thing is certain. Their wicked acts will come to an end and, unless they turn to Me, during The Warning, they will have little time left before they are cast into the lakes of fire, where they will suffer a terrible persecution, for eternity.

They have created and stirred up the apostasy, that exists all over the world.

They achieved this by infiltrating My Church.

Your beloved Jesus Lamb of God

I call on all of you who don’t know Me

Monday, April 30th, 2012 @ 17:45

My dearest beloved daughter I must explain to those people who believe in God but who do not go to Church or pray.

Many do not know how to pray. A little like the way in which you My daughter find it difficult.

Prayer means to ask.

Prayer means to communicate.

Prayer means to show love and give thanks.

Many people today, well-meaning and of generous heart do not know how to pray. Some will find it distasteful and will feel awkward.

Others will feel that their prayers won’t count.

Oh how I love these special souls. So far removed and yet how I yearn to show them My deep love.

I call on all of you who don’t know Me. There is no need to fear Me. All you have to do is to ask Me to take you and give you comfort.

Let Me prove My love. Speak to Me in your own simple words. Nothing will shock Me.
Confide in Me your worries as I will soothe your heart. Let Me help you to feel true peace.
Ask Me to sort out your concerns. I will show you the truth so that your worries will no longer seem as bad.
How will you know I hear you? How will you be sure that I will respond to you?
Just sit down quietly and ask Me to help you with this prayer to help you open your heart to Me and to ask for My help.
Crusade Prayer (50) Jesus help me to know who you are

Oh Dear Jesus help me to know who you are Forgive me for not speaking with you before now Help me to find peace in this life and be shown The truth of eternal life

Soothe my heart
Ease my worries
Give me peace
Open my heart now so that you can fill My soul with your love.


Many of you will not come to Me at this time. But that is okay . In times of hardship, confusion and fear you will.
I stand with you every day although you do not realise this yet.

But very soon you will see Me and know the truth of My promise to grant you eternal life in Body, Mind and Spirit.

I await your call. Then I can take you, when the time is right, to the gates of the New Era of Peace and My New Paradise on earth.

Your friend
Your beloved Jesus

Hear My call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 @ 20:00

My dearly beloved daughter My love for all of you means that I now pour the Holy Spirit, once again, over humanity to entice them to open their hearts.

Many souls will feel the power of the Holy Spirit pour over them in mind, body and soul very soon.

This is essential in order to wake up all of God’s children to the truth.

Some people will now see the world in a different way.

Then they will begin to question everything. No longer will they be willing to remain slaves to masters whose only goal is to control them for personal gain.

No one will be able to ignore this pull of the Holy Spirit.

All of Heaven awaits so that the moment of enlightenment will create a new dawn, a new beginning.

The lies you are being confronted with hide a master plan, born out of a world alliance designed to control all of your countries.

By making your country rely on giants to feed their families you will become slaves. Already they are taking away everything you own but you are blind to this.

Now with the gift of the Holy Spirit, millions will see through this mask of deceit and oppose these wicked masonic controlled groups.

This gift will give you the armour you need to throw this army off the trail of your destruction. Hear My call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit.
Your beloved Jesus

Holy Spirit will descend this Sunday. The second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit

Friday, May 4th, 2012 @ 21:05

My dearly beloved daughter when you feel that this mission is difficult to convince all of God’s children to acknowledge the Second Coming, and that it will be accepted as good news for all of God’s children just remember this.

Just as every single person is made in the image of God My Eternal Father, so too does the Light of My Father shine in some way through every soul.

Look into the face of every one you meet and you will see a glimpse of God the Father.

It may be just a look, a smile, a gesture or a tenderness but it is there.

There is good in everyone, even hardened sinners. In some this goodness is wholly enveloping and draws people towards the person blessed with this gift like a magnet. In others it is but a glimmer but present all the same.

When you look into the eyes of someone whose behaviour towards others is cruel you can still see a ray of hope because of the presence of the Light of God.

It is the Light in the souls of God’s children that needs to re-kindled through My messages of love and hope. The stronger the Light the more purified the person.

The more people who are purified by the Light of God the more purified will be the earth.

As God’s Light becomes stronger in the souls of believers then the work of evil will dwindle because darkness cannot abide the Light.

This is why, yet another outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is being bestowed all over the world now.

This is the second outpouring by the power of the Holy Spirit since 10 May 2011.

It precedes My Great Divine Mercy and will ensure that the Light creates a new understanding in the souls of believers

This Holy Spirit will descend upon the whole world this Sunday 6th May 2012.

Many will feel peace and love. I urge all to pray for this gift to drench their souls so that they will feel God’s Love and respond to His call.

Crusade Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Oh come, Holy Spirit
Pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge over my humble soul.
Fill me with the Light of Truth,
so that I can discern the truth of God
from the lies spread by Satan and his angels. Help me to grasp the torch and spread
the flame of understanding to all those I meet through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

Go in Love, Light and Peace.
Rest and allow My Holy Spirit to descend upon you.

I love you.
Your Precious Jesus

God the Father: Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks.

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 @ 12:00

My daughter how great is the day that the Holy Spirit, the Light of My Love, will spill over the earth.

This is a very special gift. It will open the hearts of many and prepare many souls for The Warning.

My Love has no boundaries.

There is not one man, woman or child whom I exclude My longing to hold each tightly in My Arms. Not one sinner is excluded.

My Gifts to mankind are generous and I will continue to pour out My Gifts in response to those who recite the Crusade Prayers given to you My daughter.

These prayers are from Heaven and have not come from the pen of man.

They are for these times and are a powerful weapon against persecution. These prayers are heard every time they come from your lips My children. They will bring you great rewards.
Accept My Holy Spirit with wonder and with thanks.

It is a miracle and it is being sent to each of you with My Love for all. Go now in peace and love.
Your Father
God the Most High

My modern day disciples are being given an enormous mission

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 @ 10:00

My dearest daughter many of God’s children believe that those who lead holy lives are those favoured by My Father.

The truth is that these souls, holy and devout as they are, must work towards the salvation of other souls.

The other souls are those ordinary men, women and children who lead busy lives with little time spent in prayer.

Many do not pray or communicate with Me. Some do not believe in God. Some do. Many of these souls lead good lives.

They treat other people with love and kindness of heart. They put others needs before their own. They give to charity. They love one another. But they do not go to Church, receive the Sacraments or accept that I, Jesus Christ, exist.

You would think, therefore, that they are lost souls. In truth they are not.

They are God’s children and His Light shines through them. They are not doomed. They are loved.

In time, when they are shown the proof of My existence, they will immediately embrace Me.

It is only those souls who are aware of their grievances against My Father and who savour the delights of wicked and evil sins, who are lost.

Those who cannot live without committing mortal sin and whose souls are so blackened because they are possessed by Satan who need to escape from this terrible darkness, they will not be strong enough to do this.

They will find it almost impossible to seek My help. They can only be saved through the prayers of holy and devout followers of Mine.

My modern day disciples are being given an enormous mission equal to that, but more urgent than that given to My apostles when I ascended into Heaven.

Your role, My followers, is to prepare these souls for My New Paradise through your prayers. Prayers can convert them.

My Mercy is so great that I will forgive such sinners through the generousity of My other loyal servants, through their suffering and prayers.

Never forget the power of your prayers. This power is a gift to you so that you can save the souls of your brothers and sisters.

Remember My Eternal Father loves all sinners. But great rejoicing takes place, and tears of joy wept, for every blackened and lost sinner who is saved from the fires of Hell.

Your beloved Jesus

Pain and persecution inflicted upon Me by those sects who work in secret to topple the Holy See is severe

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 @ 19:30

My dearly beloved daughter I come to beg My followers to ease My suffering.

The pain and persecution inflicted upon Me by those sects who work in secret to topple the Holy See is severe.

How they hurt Me so.

The deceit and cruelty of their plot against Me is hard to bear.

I tremble when I see the absolute hatred that they hold in their hearts for Me.

Satan has stolen their souls, their minds, their spirits and their bodies. They are still God’s children but they do not want anything to do with My Father.

Their plans are now taking place before your eyes including the eyes of My sacred servants yet they cannot see this.

The wicked ways in which they hide and yet manage to control My Church breaks My heart.

I will do anything to get them to stop but their souls are so black.

Your suffering, My daughter, will be used to help salvage the souls of those who may still have a spark of love within and who will respond to My Call.

I urge you to pray for those souls, working as a dedicated army with little love in their hearts for God.
There is still a light, the Divine Light of My Father, present in their souls. Only prayer and suffering can help them.
They will not and cannot defeat My Church for I am the Church.
You My followers are the Church. They cannot fight those in the Light for it would blind them.
In time they will realise they have but seconds to make the final choice.
Pray that they will accept the Hand of My Mercy instead of allowing themselves to be sucked into the lake of fire for eternity. It is because of these souls who defile My Church that I relive the scourging at the Pillar every second of the day.
I will never rest unless I can save them.
Help Me. I urge all of My followers to pray for such sinners.
Your beloved Jesus

Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic Groups

Monday, May 7th, 2012 @ 18:19

My dearly beloved daughter, to My churches through the world I say this.

Know that I will always be with you at your side as long as your proclaim My Most Holy Word.

To My Catholic Church, even though you caused torment as a result of evil sin know that I will never forsake you, although you have sinned. But know this.

Your faith in Me is not as strong as it should be. You do not love Me as you once did.

All the wealth you accumulated put a distance between Me, your Christ and Savour and God’s ordinary children.

You scaled such lofty heights that I could not reach up to you and offer you My hand to salvage you from the rot within your core.

You were taught the truth by My Peter upon whose rock you were built. And what did you do?

You built thick stone walls around you.

This caused a lack of communication with those whom you needed to feed with My Body and Blood so that their souls could be nourished.

The respect required of you in administering My Most Holy Eucharist was lost when you demeaned My Presence.

When Vatican II declared new rules they were introduced by those evil Masonic forces from within your corridors.

They cunningly presented new ways to administer My Holy Eucharist which are insulting to Me.

Your so called tolerant teachings proclaimed a series of lies including the refusal to acknowledge the power of St Michael the Archangel.

He is the protector of the Church against Satan. Those forces among you knew this. This is why you stopped all prayers requesting his help before Me at the Holy Mass.

Then you perpetrated the biggest untruth that Hell was not to be feared. That it was just a metaphor. For this lie, accepted as the truth by many of God’s children, has meant the loss of billions of souls.

How you offend Me. For those humble and sacred servants among you I ask that you go back to My Teachings. Never allow riches to accumulate amongst you and think that they are acceptable in My eyes.
Riches, gold and power accumulated in My Name will be your downfall. You cannot profit from My Holy Word. You have suffered because of the way you have offended Me.

Never think that I am blaming the many Holy Popes who have sat in the seat of Peter. Their mission has always been protected.

Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic groups who do not represent God.

They hate God and have spent fifty years spreading untruths about the Mercy of God.

Their works have led to the collapse of the Catholic Church.

This was not an accident. It was deliberately and cunningly plotted in order to destroy the faith of the Church. To destroy the homage of ordinary Catholics to the one true God.

For this you will now be cast aside into the wilderness. After Pope Benedict you will be led by Me from the Heavens.

Oh how you have made Me weep.

I call on all of My sacred servants who know the truth to stand up and follow Me, your Jesus, to spread the truth of My Teachings in humble servitude.

You must find the courage and the strength to rise from the ashes.
Above all, reject the lies which will shortly be presented to you by the False Prophet.
He will merge the Catholic Church with other churches, including pagan churches, to become one abomination.

A one world church without a soul.

Your Jesus

Virgin Mary: God the Most High can change the destiny of the world

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 @ 12:30

My child this mission is converting millions of souls who would otherwise be lost.

You must never feel that the obstacles placed before you can stop the spread of the Holy Spirit.

My Son is so pleased with all those who follow the Word He imparts to the world at this time.

The devotion through your prayers, children, is saving so many lost souls. Never forget the power of prayer. So much evil has been thwarted because of your prayers.

The work of the one world group is now being disrupted and their plans in disarray.

God’s Mercy is so great that prayer can mitigate any evil in the world.

The light of the Holy Spirit now increases in power so that more and more souls will see the truth of the Lord as it is being re- kindled everywhere.

Children you must continue to speak to My Father and increase your devotion to Him.

By calling on the Father, God the Most High, in the name of His precious Son, He will hear your prayers and respond. You should call out to the Father more for it will be He, God the Most High, who can change the destiny of the world. It will only be through My Son, Jesus Christ, that you can approach the Father. So this is what you must say
Crusade Prayer (52) Prayer to the Father

My dearest Father
In the name of your precious Son
And in remembrance of His Passion on the Cross I call out to you

You, God the Most High
Creator of the World and all that is
Hold our salvation in your Holy Hands Embrace all of your children
Including those who don’t know You And those who do but look the other way

Forgive us our sin and save
Us from the persecution of Satan and his army Take us into your arms and fill us with the hope We need to see the way of the truth. Amen

Go in peace. Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

My Remnant Church inspired by the Prophet Enoch will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 @ 19:00

My dearly beloved daughter I come this evening to tell you that a great token of My Love and Mercy will now manifest within the hearts of believers everywhere.

They will feel My Presence within their hearts in a way they will not be able to explain and they will unite their hearts with Mine.

This gift will make them strong in My Faith and they will hunger for My Presence daily.

I urge all of God’s children, who feel the flames of My Love engulf their souls, to receive My Body and My Blood in the Holy Eucharist as often as they can.

You, My beloved disciples will need the gift of My Body through the Holy Eucharist to give you strength.

For you will need every ounce of strength, as you witness the falling apart of My Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church.

My Holy Eucharist will be desecrated as I foretold some time ago.

Excuses will be made to render this most Holy Gift as simply a gesture in remembrance of My Crucifixion.

Very soon My Real Presence will be denounced as part of a new modern Catholic Church which will include other religious Churches.

Once this happens, the love and devotion to the Holy Trinity will dwindle and fall away.

Instead false gods will take its place. While this will be difficult you must remember I will never forfeit My Church on earth.

My allegiance is to the Church founded by Me before I ascended into Heaven.

The Church upon the rock founded by My beloved Peter cannot and will never die.

For I will lead My Church now in the end times and will renew the prophecies foretold long ago.

My Gospels will be preached by My Remnant Church in every corner of the Earth.

My Remnant Church will be inspired by the Prophet Enoch and this will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard.

The Holy Spirit will ignite the faith of My Remnant Church who will never give up proclaiming the truth of the Gospels till its dying breath.

Go now and prepare My Remnant Church by following My instructions.

Trust in Me always for all will be well. Your beloved Jesus

Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 @ 21:00

My dearly beloved daughter more and more of those who know My Teachings are finally accepting that I am now communicating

with the world through these messages given to you.

The power of the Holy Spirit will awaken those dead in the love for My Father to savour the Word of His Beloved Son.

I, Jesus Christ, wish to give you encouragement in the suffering and trials which you may be experiencing.

This suffering will not last long.

My Love for you is so strong and My Mercy so great that I will not allow you to suffer the torments inflicted on you by those who wish to control your nations.

Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening.

Your prayers have mitigated their evil deeds and rendered them to be ineffective.

They will try to destroy your faith but you, My Remnant Church, will keep the flame of truth alight. You must not fear if you trust in Me.
Only by trusting in Me, your Jesus, can you feel at peace.
Please keep close to My Sacred Heart and do not allow fear to destroy your lives.

Once you love Me and live life as you know I expect you to then, you must live your lives in love, prayer and contentment.

When you suffer offer this up to Me and move on.

Do not allow anything to turn your heart away from Me.

Keep close to Me and I will protect you, guide you and lead you to safety.

Your beloved Jesus Saviour of Mankind

Virgin Mary: I weep tears of sadness for priests within the Catholic Church who suffer terribly at this time

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 @ 15:45

My child, My Son Jesus Christ prepares now to save as many of God’s children as possible before The Warning. For, after The Warning, not much time will remain before the Glorious return of my Son.

I weep tears of sadness for priests within the Catholic Church who suffer terribly at this time.

These pure, lost and wandering servants are caught in the middle of disruption from which they cannot untangle.

Because of the sins of others they suffer the torment of seeing allegiance to my beloved Son being thrown to one side.

Those wicked divisions, caused by masonic groups, are deliberate. The sins of those guilty of offenses inflicted on innocent souls are being used, as an excuse, to change laws governing the Church.

Many are being misled out of a false sense of loyalty to God’s children.

How I suffer when I see the walls of the Catholic Church being taken apart brick by brick to make way for a new Church.

The new Church, which will emerge soon, will not be acceptable to my Son.
Instead it will abolish the presence of the Holy Eucharist and my Son will suffer the pain of His Crucifixion once again.
The Sacrifice He made, to present the world with this Gift, will be ignored and rejected soon.

Instead, they, the new Church, will not tell God’s children that The Eucharist is the true Presence of Jesus, my Son.

They will create a new interpretation of the Holy Eucharist and will fail to call down the Presence of my Son. The food of life will die.

God’s children will not be nourished with the real Body and Blood of my Son.

Their souls will become barren, empty of the Presence of my Son and the graces He bestows on those who receive Him.

There is a duty on the part of priests to defend the Holy Eucharist. They must be strong and never dilute this precious and Holy Gift.

My Son loves the Catholic Church and knows how it suffers right now. He feels its pain.

My Immaculate Heart is torn in two, in pain, to witness this Sacred Temple being deliberately destroyed.

Pray, pray, pray to The Father in the Name of His Beloved Son to show mercy on those within the Holy See who want to divide the Church and scatter God’s children into an abyss of desolation.

Please recite this Crusade Prayer (53) to pray for the Catholic Church

Crusade Prayer (53) Prayer for the Catholic Church

Oh God the Father
In the name of Your Beloved Son
I beg you to give strength and the graces needed
To help priests withstand the persecution they endure

Help them to adhere to the truth of the Teachings
Of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and to never waive, weaken or submit To untruths about the existence of The Holy Eucharist. Amen

Your loving Mother, Queen of the Earth

Mother of Salvation

Preparations are very much underway for My Second Coming.

Friday, May 11th, 2012 @ 20:38

My dearly beloved daughter preparations are very much underway for My Second Coming.

Many people in the world can and will be saved now because of the prayers of My Beloved followers and chosen souls .

So many more than would have been, were it not for the sacrifices of those close to Me.

I yearn to take all of you into the New Era of Peace, the New Paradise on earth.

If only those stubborn souls, who refuse My Call of Mercy and who need to redeem themselves in My Eyes, would listen.

Many believers are lukewarm and are not fit to enter My New Kingdom. Their closed and hardened hearts reject Me now as I speak.

They pay lip service to me in the Churches, yet claim to follow Me.

Now that I reach out and stretch My Hand of Mercy, to take their hand in Mine, they push Me away.

So suspicious, so lacking in true understanding as to how I communicate to the world from Heaven, they claim to believe in My Divinity.

Yet they fail to accept that I have the power to speak to the world through Divine Revelations.
They are missing the chance to grasp the extra graces I desire to give them in order to bring them to My Sacred Heart.
It is a little like a village suffering in a famine with nothing to eat while they slowly starve.

Yet I stand next to them and can offer them all the nourishment and food to sustain them for Eternal Life. But they cannot see Me.

Many do not want to see Me for they doubt that I could be speaking with them now.

For those in the world who have no belief or interest in a world outside of this one you, My followers, must help Me to save them, to cover them.

Soon they will understand that they have a soul. It will be then that I ask all of you to proclaim My Word so that all of humanity can live in My New Paradise.

Please spread My Word, My Prayers, My Messages and My Warnings to all souls especially those who have no faith, belief or knowledge about My Promise to return to judge the living and the dead.

They don’t have much time so I urge you to pray for their souls. Your Jesus

Virgin Mary: Go and open your eyes children and listen, question and contemplate all that is presented to you in the Name of God.

Saturday, May 12th, 2012 @ 10:00

My child as the roar of Satan and his demons get louder and the pitch of their screams heard in the Heavens, I must warn God’s children to open their eyes.

Look around you and what do you see?

Unrest, arguments, despair and fighting. All this has been ignited by the evil spirits that surround humanity.

Released from Hell, their numbers are great. Not for one moment will they ease their torment spewed out by the hatred they have for all of God’s children.

These fallen angels were jealous when my Father, God the Most High, created mankind and the universe.

Their pride and disgust led to their downfall and they were cast out into Hell.

Led by Satan, their hatred was manifested when I brought the Son of Man, the Saviour of mankind, into the world. Their hatred of me surpasses anything known to humanity.

As Queen of all the Angels, this drove them into turmoil. They knew there would be no return to the Divine Hierarchy.

To hurt God, my beloved Father they want to destroy that which is closest to His Heart, His precious and beloved children.

By seducing His children, through the temptations of sin, they steal souls.

My Father will not tolerate this wickedness and the time is close for these fallen angels to be finally cast into the furnace. They know this.

Under the direction of Satan they now increase their plans and every second of the day they cause havoc in the world. God’s children must know that their plan is to snatch everything which is precious to God, the Almighty Father.
This is why they target His Holy Churches on the earth first.
When they infiltrate God’s Churches they infiltrate God’s children.

Wake up children to what is happening before your eyes. You must stay alert at all times.

Pray, pray, pray that you are blessed with the graces to recognise evil when it is presented to you as being part of God’s plans, when it is not.

It will take strong faith and acceptance of the Truth contained within these messages from Heaven to stay on the truth path to eternal life.

Eternal life is to be welcomed children and must never be rejected in favour of false promises.

These false promises are presented to the world in these times by those who lead your nations and who may be influenced by the king of lies.

Go and open your eyes children and listen, question and contemplate all that is presented to you in the Name of God. Your Beloved Queen of Peace
Mother of Salvation

My New Kingdom: You will be lavished with great abundance and will want for nothing

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 @ 16:00

My dearly beloved daughter it is time to understand that My messages are not to bring fear.

They are to bring love. They are also being used to tell those who commit sin or wrongdoing that they must redeem themselves in My Eyes, or be lost to Me forever.

How could I not tell humanity the Truth?

I realise that you, My daughter, feel a burden from time to time as the recipient of these Divine Messages. You must never allow fear to enter your heart for it does not come from Me.

Have I not told you that there is a wonderful New Era of Peace ahead for all those who love Me?

What is there to fear?

Is it worry over your future, your family or not knowing what lies ahead? If so then you must know this.

I love you all. I want all of God’s children to unite as one Holy Family, together in love.

This is why I am communicating now, in plenty of time, to draw you all closer to Me.

To ensure that you will all turn and open your hearts to the love that I have for every single soul on this earth, I must warn humanity of the dangers they face.

If I did not love you, as I do, I would not warn you.

My Love is so powerful that it is a love unknown to any human being, for not one of you could have the capacity to feel the Love that I hold for you.

My Love means that I do not want God’s children to suffer.

I will take all of you, who will see the Truth after The Warning, and show you the Love I have.

You and all of those who belong to Me in mind, body and soul will be given the most exquisite gift, beyond your comprehension.

The New Paradise awaits you and the earth, that you may think you will pine for, will mean nothing when you see the Kingdom that has been prepared.

My children, there is much to look forward to. Fear is unnecessary.

Instead consider that you will be given eternal life.

You will be lavished with great abundance and will want for nothing.

The colours, the scents, the love you will feel for all those around you, the peace within your families, lack of fear, your souls full of the love of God and your perfect bodies – how could you not desire My Kingdom?

My Kingdom will become your new home when Heaven and earth will merge as one and the dead, who accepted Me as their Saviour, will be resurrected to join with their families, their brothers and sisters in love and happiness.

The relief you will feel when the world of sin, in which you live now, is no longer there will bring joy, calm and contentment.

No more worries, fears, anxieties or sin.

You will still have free will but it will be different. You will be living in complete union with Me, according to the Holy Divine Will of My Father. He has waited patiently for this moment.

I am patiently preparing all of God’s children so that not one soul is lost.
So, My dearest daughter, fear not.
Suffering will not last long. In its place will be the home to which each child of God belongs.
That is My promise to all of you. Do not feel sad, frightened or worried for it is completely unnecessary.

Just learn to love Me more. The more you love Me the more you will trust in Me.
Only then will fear leave you.
Only then will you truly be free.
I love all of you. Never forget this, especially when you may be worried about the future. Your Beloved Saviour

Jesus Christ

Prayer Requests: Go now and call this request My Call to Jesus

Monday, May 14th, 2012 @ 18:00

My dearest beloved daughter your gift to Me is accepted and as a result will save a further 5 million souls*

It is My dearest wish to bring an end to your suffering but this precious gift you bring Me will now mean I can save more of God’s children.

Never forget that this mission is to save mankind from Hell. I need your help and the help of others to do this.

Never feel alone for I love you and am with you the entire time. So many more of God’s children are beginning to hear My Voice at last.

The work of the Holy Spirit will bear fruit and very soon the love of God will be felt in the hearts of even the most barren.

Those lost, empty and barren souls will feel a flame of Love and witness a familiar yearning to be part of My New Kingdom on earth. Many will not understand why but they will be unable to deny their feelings of warmth, love and peace.

So many will be surprised and will want to speak with Me. You must now unite people everywhere to request the gift of My Love. They must ask for special favours to be granted.

You, My daughter, must designate one day a week to this. Each lost soul must ask Me to help them. If their request is according to My Holy Will then I will answer their prayers. This will instill in them a stronger link to My Sacred Heart and My Great Mercy.

Go now and call this request “My Call to Jesus”.
My daughter do this as soon as you can as I wish to ensure that those souls, especially those who do not accept that speak now.

They will finally realise how close I am to each single soul.
Tell them that I love everyone and don’t exclude one single sinner no matter how grevious their sin.

All I ask is for them to come to Me and ask Me to help them. Your Jesus


*the souls referred to on the first line are to do with personal suffering offered by MDM and do not refer to the world as a whole because billions are currently being saved through prayer.

Second Seal: World War 3

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 @ 03:10

My dearest beloved daughter I must inform you that a Third World War is about to unfold in the world My tears flow this morning as you can see.*
The Second Seal is about to unfold as foretold to John the Evangelist in the Book of Revelation.
It will start in Europe.

Your banking system will be the cause and Germany, once again, will be involved in this tragedy as it was on the last two occasions.

When it commences much will be over saving the economy and catastrophe will affect Greece with much fallout in France.

The Middle East will also be involved with Israel and Iran at war and Syria will play a serious part in the downfall of Egypt.

My daughter I wake you to tell you this, not to frighten you, but to urge much prayer for Europe at this time.

Because of war and lack of money, much of the harvest will be lost and this will lead to the opening of the Third Seal, which means famine.

This is why I now urge all of God’s children to try to stockpile dried and non-perishable food to feed your families. It is important to grow your own harvest if possible.

Remember, however, that prayer can mitigate much of this suffering.
The effect of this war will be that My Catholic Church on earth will be sucked into a one world church, in the name of


This unification, or false peace, will become a reality after the antichrist appears to create a false peace and a so called end to the war.

This peaceful pact will involve the western world until China and Russia become involved with world matters. They will pose a threat to the ‘Beast with the Ten Horns’, Europe, and will overcome them to introduce communism. The ‘Red Dragon’, China, already gains a strong foothold in the world because of their control of the world’s finances. The Red Dragon and “The Bear” which is Russia do not love God.

They are being led by the antichrist who is from the East and who hides behind closed doors.

When these prophesies unfold the whole world will believe in these messages. There will be no doubts then. Please recite this Crusade Prayer as it will help dilute the impact of these events.

Crusade Prayer (54) Prayer to the Father to dilute impact of World War 3 O Heavenly Father in the Name of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ

Who suffered greatly for the sins of mankind please help us in these difficult times we face

Help us to survive the persecution being planned by greedy rulers and those who want to destroy your Churches and your children

We implore you Dear Father to help feed our families and save the lives of those who will be forced into a war against their will

We love you Dear Father
We beg you to help us in our time of need Save us from the grip of the antichrist

Help us to survive his mark, the mark of the beast, by refusing to accept it Help those who love You to remain true to Your Holy Word at all times so that You can bestow on us the graces to survive in body and soul.

My daughter, I realise that this news may come as a shock but remember that prayer and the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer number (33) will protect My followers.

My Remnant Church, you My children, will survive although it will not be easy.
You will be bullied because of your Christianity but you will never denounce Me or reject Me.
For this you will be given Gifts.
My Gift of the Seal of the Living God will render you invisible to your enemies. Recite it every day from now on. Keep it before you in your homes and have it Blessed by a priest.
Begin your preparation soon for the day of the fallout in Europe is not far away.
Your Jesus

*Note : When Maria was taking down this message a wet tear rolled down the photo of Jesus in front of her.

Virgin Mary: My visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with a world war.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 @ 09:00

My child please try to remain strong in this work for my Son.

It is important that all those who believe in the Truth of the Holy Word, being given to the world at this time, remain calm.

Your duty is to respond to my beloved Son’s instructions. Prayer and trust in my Son will bring about your salvation.

The gift of the Seal of the Living God will be your biggest protection at a time of war or strife.

By pledging allegiance to God the Father, through the acceptance of this free gift, you will remain free.

Never forget the power of prayer and how it can dilute the impact of such events.

Sadly, many of these events must come to pass for they have been prophecised.

Children, I call on all those who revere me, your Blessed Mother, to understand that this is calling from Heaven.

All my visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with a world war.

You must persevere in your suffering and offer it as a gift to God the Father.

My daily Rosary is important at this time no matter what Christian Church you belong to.

You must recite it because it offers protection to those nations who say it daily and in great numbers.

Pray, pray, pray for Europe at this time and turn to my Son and ask Him for the strength, courage and perseverance required to retain your trust in God.

Your beloved Mother Queen of Heaven and Earth Mother of Salvation

Set up prayer groups devoted to Jesus to Mankind

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 @ 17:38

My dearly beloved daughter I must emphasise, to all those who believe in Me, that is important to pray for each of your nations.

To do this effectively you must set up prayer groups, devoted to “Jesus to Mankind”.

Use this Group to recite all the Crusade Prayers given to you.

My daughter, Maria, will arrange to have those put up in a way which will allow you to print them off anywhere you are in the world.

Please spread My Holy Word to all members of the clergy.
Some will reject My messages.
Others will embrace them with love in their hearts.
However, for the most part, you will be ridiculed and rejected in My Holy Name.
You will suffer as My apostles suffered and will be made a laughing stock in some quarters of My Church on earth.
These verbal and abusive insults will be intense and you will be hurt. But I say this.

Remember the hatred shown to you will prove that it is, indeed I, Your Jesus, speaking to you from Heaven.

For this suffering I will make you rise again and again every time you are kicked to the ground.

I will raise you up and make you stronger than before.

Why do I do this? I do it so that you will become fit and stronger to spread My Holy Word.

For only then will you receive greater Gifts which I will provide you with through My Holy Spirit.

So rise and move to prepare your nation so that they it will receive the armour it needs to avoid the Mark of the Beast.

Never forget the importance the Seal of the Living God.

It will offer you and your family protection, not just in spirit but a physical protection also.

You are blessed to receive the Seal and it is your duty to ensure that as many of God’s children everywhere receive it.

Remember I stand by all of My Followers every minute and when they carry out My work they will receive special Graces to make them brave, strong and determined to save the souls of every man, woman and child in the world.

Your Beloved Saviour

Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John

Thursday, May 17th, 2012 @ 08:50

My child, God’s children will be able to protect their faith, their courage and their safety during any war if they continue to pray the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer.

This is one of the last, and the greatest Seal of Protection, sent from the Heavens of all prayers given to humanity. It is to help sustain all during any future persecution, especially at times of domination and war.
This Seal was foretold in the Book of John and has many divine powers associated with it.
Cherish it and use it to protect, not only yourselves, but your families.

This reminder is needed at this time. Go in peace.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated, until the rise of the New Jerusalem.

Friday, May 18th, 2012 @ 10:48

My dearly beloved daughter know now that the spread of My Holy Spirit is about to become rampant in the world.

The Flame of Truth will enrapture the world and fill the souls of many with the simple wonder of My Great Mercy.

Much conversion will take place and it will be then that My Remnant Army will rise to become a powerful force in the battle against the antichrist.

My Remnant Christian Church will spread the Holy Gospel into every corner of the earth.
Fires will pour forth upon those who try to harm My Remnant Church. For few will be able to withstand the Truth of My Holy Word

when it is shown to them.

So many will there be that it will amount to over 20 million.

Leaders will spring up among you and you will have to practice your faith hidden in certain quarters.

You will lead a Crusade of My Teachings and My Crusade Prayers will be your weapon to defeat the enemy.

Strangers will become close, people from different countries will join together and religions torn apart in the past through their differences will all join as one.

The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated until the rise of the New Jerusalem.

This is when My Second Coming will take place.

When My New Jerusalem rises from the ashes from where all those who opposed Me thought that My Church on earth had been burnt to the ground.

And then that will be it.

The New Beginning.
The New Era.
The New Heaven and the New Earth.
The time for the Divine Will of My Father to be realised finally.
Rise now My Army. Diversify and spread your wings. Never deviate from the Truth contained in the Holy Bible.
Never doubt the words contained in Holy Scripture.
For those among you, including members of My Church on earth, who do then you must open your heart to the Truth.
The Bible contains the Holy Word of God. The Bible contains the whole Truth.
It does not lie.
If you deny the Truth contained therein you deny the Word of God.
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

God the Father: Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies

Friday, May 18th, 2012 @ 15:20

I speak with you today My dearest daughter to bring comfort to those who fear for the future.

The future, dear children, lies in My Holy Hands.

The time has come for the new Kingdom, the Kingdom over which My Beloved Son will reign, to come to pass.

This is the final stage when earth is being prepared to bring forth the multitudes who love My Son and, in time, who love Me.

Much must happen for My Divine Will to be done and prayer, patience and courage are needed.

Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies.

Much wickedness is rampant in the world and the time has come for Me to punish those nations who torment My children on earth.

As the battle begins, the Houses that honour Me, God the Father, will be renewed.

Soon they will realise how they rejected the one True Messiah I sent to earth, in My Son Jesus Christ, to give the world salvation.

Then those who believe in My Son and Me, God the Most High, will rise in unison to prepare the ground so that the Second Coming of My Son can take place.

Only when the purification is complete will My Son return.

The purification I speak of is when the good will be separated from those who are evil. Those who live their lives filled with the lies planted in their souls by Satan still have time to repent.

Every attempt will be made by Me to salvage them from the beast for I do not give up on My children that easily.

I will, through the various Divine Interventions, sanctioned by Me, try to take them into My Merciful Arms to save them. Trust and belief in Me is the pathway to Eternal Life.
Only through My Son, The Saviour of the World, can you come to Me, The Father of the Universe.
For to come to Me, you must be saved from Sin.

To be saved from Sin you must redeem yourselves in the Eyes of My Son.

Just as I sent My Son the first time to grant you salvation, so too, do I send Him once more to save you one last time before the New Heaven and the New Earth merge to become one.

Those who refuse to accept My Son’s Great Mercy, after this last Crusade to bring all of My Children into Paradise, their rightful inheritance, will be lost forever.

There can be no going back after this.
Never forget who I Am.
I Am God the Father and I created you.
I love you.
I desire to bring all of you home but how My Tears flow so.
This is because there will be so many that I will not be able to save unless they turn and ask Me to help them. This call from the Heavens has been foretold.
Only The Lamb of God, My Son, has the authority to reveal to you the events which lie ahead.
Only He can open the Seals.
He does this now with the help of the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Messenger.

Open your eyes and accept that, at last, the Book of Truth prophesised is now being opened chapter by chapter before your eyes.

Accept it as a Gift, because it will bring you eternal life. Your Beloved Father in Heaven
God the Most High

Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most.

Sunday, May 20th, 2012 @ 12:15

My child just as more of God’s children embrace these Holy Messages so, too, will more people reject them. All those closest to My Son will be tempted by the evil one to turn their backs.
They will suffer the most and doubts will block their minds to the truth.
The evil one attacks those who love God the most.

When he blinds them to the truth he wins.

Those who revere me, the Mother of God, will also be a target where the evil one will pull them away from the Book of Truth. Never does he, the evil one, give up. He inflicts terrible torture on those loving souls so that they will deny the Word of God. I beg all of those who love My Son to hear my call. You must listen when My Son speaks to you.
Do not denounce the chance to help your brothers and sisters to obtain the eternal life promised to them.

Do not allow doubts planted by the deceiver prevent millions of souls from being saved.

This is the fierce opposition that will assail you from this day.
You must call on me, Your Mother, to help you, guide you and lead on to the true path.

Your Beloved Mother Mother of Salvation

Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.

Sunday, May 20th, 2012 @ 18:10

My dearly beloved daughter tell God’s children that My Prophets in the world today will be rejected just as they were in the beginning.

Those who profess to come in My Name today, but who do not receive messages from God, will be embraced and accepted.

Those who proclaim My Holy Word and who prophesy in the Name of My Father will suffer the biggest rejection.

Priests and clergy will attack My Prophets today because Satan blinds them to My Holy Word.

Let any man who tries to stop the true prophets of God know that they will commit a grave sin in the Eyes of God.
Sacred servants and those who proclaim the truth of My Teachings will be punished should they try to sabotage this Holy Mission.
To those who do not believe in My Holy Word given to the world at this time you must keep silent.
For if you don’t and denounce Me you will be held responsible and you will weep and beg Me to forgive you.
By then the damage you caused will have been felt where souls will be lost.
Never reject My Holy Word given to you through the prophets.
Embrace it and accept it for much work is needed to prepare all of mankind for My New Kingdom.
Remember this.
When Man denies My Word that is to be expected when Satan roams the earth.
When a faithful servant of God rejects Me this is like a sword cutting through Me.
It is the most painful rejection of all.
Come to Me all of you. If you do not believe then pray that you will be shown the Truth soon.

If you are in any doubt turn to Me and ask Me to open your heart
Let me fill you with graces so that you will help Me gather souls in every part of the world in time.

Do not believe that The Second Coming can or will take place without the help of My prophets, sent to prepare you so that you are fit to enter My Kingdom.

Pray that you can recognise the true prophets from those who do not speak in My Holy Name.

Woe to those who tear apart My prophets for they will have to answer for their offenses against My Holy Father, God the Most High.

Go open your eyes.
Look when I reveal to you the truth.
Do not turn your head.
Do not close your eyes.
It is time for you to choose.
Follow Me and help lead My children to Eternal Life.
Turn your back and you deny those souls the chance of redeeming themselves in My eyes. Your Jesus

The time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place

Monday, May 21st, 2012 @ 20:15

My dearly beloved daughter the time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place.

Still there is so much work to be done to prepare souls for My Great Mercy.

I call on all those who love Me to pray hard for the global conversion I desire.

So many will come running into My Arms, relief flooding their souls, because they know it is I, their Beloved Jesus, who beckons them.

So many will fight the Truth when it is presented to them. The proof I will reveal will not be enough to ignite a single flame of love in their souls.

They have been stolen from Me and yet they do not want to be set free from their captor, the beast, who has devoured their souls.

Spread My Word as quickly as you can My daughter.

Ignore the taunts, the sneers and the ridicule from those who try to stop you

Rise and proclaim My Most Holy Word at all costs.

Those who profess to speak in My Name and try to demean you are crucifying Me. It is not you they torment but, Me, their Beloved Saviour.

Human opinion is not important. All that matters are those souls that I yearn to save. Pray this Crusade Prayer (55) to Prepare for The Warning

O my Dear Jesus
Please open the hearts
Of all God’s children
To the gift of your Great Mercy

Help them to accept Your Divine Mercy With love and gratitude
Enable them to become humble before You And beg for the forgiveness of their sins So that they can become part of

Your Glorious Kingdom. Amen

Soon many millions in the world will hear My Call and more souls can and will be saved.

Never forget the importance of the daily recital of My Divine Mercy Chaplet to save souls.

Go in peace and love. Your beloved Jesus

My Book of Truth, like a flame, will spread quickly over the whole world.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 @ 15:20

My dearly beloved daughter the next stage in this Holy Mission is about to unfold.

My Book of Truth, like a flame, will spread quickly over the whole world.

Conversion will be quick and My Holy Word, in all tongues, will be heard.
All of God’s children, in turn, will spread My Messages and they will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Their lips will impart the Truth and all will prophesy in tongues so that the Truth can be heard quickly.
The thirst of God’s children, who wander in a confused state because their souls are empty, will be quenched.
The hunger pangs for My Presence will be satisfied when I bring those souls the nourishment they so desperately need.
When this happens very few souls in the world will be unaware of My Great Mercy.
Take My Gift, My Holy Word, My Book of Truth and devour it. For without it you will be like a body without a soul.
When you swallow My Words of Wisdom you will become whole again.
When you become whole again you will be ready to come with Me into the New Era of Peace on earth.
Await now, My beloved followers, for My Written Word will be with you soon an you will rejoice with love and peace in your souls. Go forth all My followers.
Let you, your loved ones and all believers, prophesy in My Name.
Walk with Me while I lead you to Eternal Life.
Your Beloved Jesus
Redeemer of all Mankind

God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 @ 15:38

My dearest daughter tell all My children of the love and protection I offer those who call on Me.
My Holy Word on earth is, at last, being heard and many souls are
ready to make the greatest leap of faith to embrace the

Divine Mercy of My Son, Jesus Christ.

Little do they know that to enter the New Paradise, the New Era of Peace, is but a simple thing.

Look up and accept that you are a child of Mine first.

Acknowledge that I created each of you, not one of you an accident, and that you are My children. My Family. My Loved Ones.

The tenderness in My Heart is full of love for each of you.

Many think that because I Am, The Alpha and The Omega, the beginning and the end that My Power makes Me proud.

This, of course, can never be.

How can the true love of a parent for a child be clouded by pride?

I suffer for each of you. I weep for those lost to Me. I will use every power to bring My lost children back into My Family, My Kingdom.

Imagine a parent who is rejected by their child. The hurt I feel is not for Me, their Father, but for them and the torment they will suffer if I cannot save them.

The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.

Why do I do this? Why do I allow suffering? It is because of sin.

Sinners who won’t come to Me willingly can only be saved through the suffering of others.
Those who suffer in this life will be rewarded with My Gifts in the next life.
Help offered freely by those children who love Me is a powerful weapon against the power accorded to Satan.

Those who fight alongside My Son to save the souls of others can save the whole of humanity.

Satan has power but only that given to him – a power which cannot be taken back until the Day of Judgement.

Many of you, dear children, do not understand the Divine laws that permit these things. But trust in Me as I reveal this.

Satan will steal the souls of My children who do not believe in Me or the goodness which I provide My children.

He becomes powerless when sinners make sacrifices, through suffering, to save their brothers and sisters from going to hell.

He is rendered impotent when My children pray for those sinners to be saved.
Prayer is the armour of My children who want to help Me to save the whole of humanity.
Gather together, My children, with My Son and help Me unite My family at last. Help Me to bring you all into the new wonderful Era of Peace.
Only then can My Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Go children. Unite in prayer.
Work with Me, your Father, to help save My family.
Your Beloved Father
God the Most High

During The Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer pain of Purgatory.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 @ 18:30

When the time comes My dearly beloved daughter for The Warning, a number of signs will be revealed.
I tell you this to remind all God’s children that they must prepare themselves beforehand.
The two stars will collide and many will be fearful.
There is nothing to fear because this is the greatest gift I bring so that not one soul is lost to the fires of Hell. Then, My Cross, will appear in the skies and not one person will fail to notice.

Many will fall down in fear and a great shaking, like an earthquake, will be felt.

Then will come the silence.

Always prepare for this day as if it were tomorrow. Seek redemption now and reveal to Me your sins.

Catholic must go to Confession.

For those who are not Catholics they must recite the Crusade Prayer (24) I give to the rest of the world for My Plenary Indulgence.

This gift of My Plenary Indulgence is for all of God’s children of every creed and offers a great cleansing. Do not reject this Gift. Accept it.

For Catholics who question My Gift and who have begrudgingly criticised My Gift I say this.

Do you believe that I would not bestow this Sacrament on all of God’s children?

You must be generous of heart and happy that I do this. Do you think that they should not be given such a Gift? If you do then you don’t truly love Me.

Bow your heads and praise God for this wonderful Gift given to mankind to save their souls.

Then, during The Warning, all those who have redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer the pain of Purgatory.

Those who see their sins unveiled before them, as seen through My Eyes, will be shocked.

Many will find it difficult to accept how blackened their souls are.

Those who do and show remorse will ask Me to pardon them. And I will.

But some will not be sorry and will defend, in their heart, the atrocities they committed as they appear before My Eyes. They won’t repent and will slap Me in the face.

Either way the fires of the purification and suffering will be felt by all sinners.
The length of time will depend on the gravity of their sins.
Those who pull away from Me need your prayers. They will be given more time to turn back to Me and ask Me to forgive them. But that time could be as short as a day or as long as a few years.
No one but My Father knows the date of My Second Coming.
The time between the two events will not be as long as you may think.
Finally, My children will realise the time they are living in and accept the Truth.
For those who know the truth now and who believe in Me you have a duty to pray for the souls who will not accept My Mercy. My daughter, My greatest desire is to save the entire world, including those who are lost to Me.
All the prayers of My followers, who unite as one voice, can help Me to do this.

Go in Love. Trust in Me always for the time is short and the plans for the salvation of humanity rests in the hands of My Eternal Father.

Your Beloved Jesus

They intend to oust Pope Benedict XVI from the Seat of Peter using devious means

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 @ 16:00

I am delighted to have you back with Me. It is important to keep close to Me now My daughter. The time is short and you have much work to do.

Today I ask of My followers, My dearest daughter, to pray hard for My beloved Vicar Pope Benedict XVI . He, My Holy Servant is under terrible persecution behind closed doors in the Holy See.

I have told you before that the Masonic Groups who have a vice like grip inside The Vatican want My Beloved Pope out.

And they intend to oust him from the Seat of Peter using devious means.

He will, as I have told you in the past, have to flee for he will have little choice.

This time is short. You must pray hard that he can stay as long as possible for as soon as he leaves, the imposter, the False Prophet, will take his place.

How My tears flow for My Beloved Church on earth at this time. All those sacred servants of mine, who accept My Holy Word, as it is given to you at this time, hear Me now.

You must remain faithful to the Holy Mass and uphold the daily Sacrifices. For very soon you will be forced to swallow a lie.

The daily Sacrifices, in honour of My Crucifixion and the change of the wine into My Blood and the Bread into My Body, will be changed, twisted and I will be vilified through new laws introduced by the False Prophet.

You must never accept anything that is not the Truth
You must never accept heresy from within the walls of My Holy See. If you do then you will remove yourself from Me.

Many of you will have to offer the Holy Mass in secret and you will need all the courage you can get by praying to Me and asking Me to make you strong.

The changes will begin in the Holy Eucharist itself. You will soon be told that Holy Communion, My True Presence is, in fact, something else.

You will be told it means different things. But this is a terrible lie.

The Holy Eucharist is My Body and Blood given to you to allow Me to fill you with My Holy Spirit, to give you the nourishment that you need for your souls.

When the time comes and you, My Sacred Servants, are presented with the new modern interpretation then you will know that the contamination has already started.

This is when you will need to prepare. Gather together and defend the Truth of My Crucifixion. Do not accept the lies, the changes in the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist. For if you do then My Presence will be lost to all of God’s children.

Follow Me. This is the greatest challenge you will ever have to face but I will give you the Graces to discern the truth from the sacrilegious fiction you will be asked to accept in My Holy Name.

You must ask for My Help now through this Crusade Prayer (56). It is for Priests seeking Protection for the Holy Eucharist

O Dear Father, in the name of your Precious Son,
Who sacrificed Himself on the Cross for the whole of mankind
Help me to stay true to the Truth
Cover me with the Precious Blood of Your Son and give me the
Graces to continue to serve You in faith, trust and honour for the rest of my ministry

Never let me stray from true meaning of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass or the presentation of The Holy Eucharist to Your children.
Give me the strength to represent You and feed Your flock the way
in which they must be fed with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of

Your Son, Jesus Christ, The Saviour of Mankind. Amen.

Please know that I walk with each of you, My Beloved Sacred Servants, every day.

I hold you up. Lean on Me and I will keep you close to My Sacred Heart in these times of terrible torment within the Catholic Church.

Your Beloved Jesus

Satan will convince you that My messages come from him.

Sunday, May 27th, 2012 @ 18:00

My daughter so many of My followers question why many of these prophecies cause fear in their hearts. Many believe that I create fear. But this is not quite true.
The fear which floods many souls is the realisation that what I tell you is the Truth.
Like any good parent a child is warned of the dangers in life.

Sometimes the dangers which a parent warns about can cause fear. Yet the fear relates to the evil caused by man which lies ahead.

The same is true of evil in the world. It is caused by man who, in turn, is influenced by the deceiver, Satan.

The prophecies given to the human race by God, since the beginning of time, has struck fear in the hearts of some.

Yet they caused much laughter in other quarters. This is what happened before Noah began to build The Ark. While he was laughed at, sneered at and ridiculed those in fear did what was asked of them. They built The Ark to save themselves.

Those who laughed, ridiculed and dismissed Noah were destroyed.

All prophecies which come from God include warnings to encourage humanity to be prepared for such events.

It is only through preparing your souls that you can withstand the torment caused by the sins of man which lie ahead.

To those of My followers who question why My messages may cause fear I say this.

Do not believe the lies, planted in your hearts by Satan, that God would never give the world messages which strike fear in the hearts of His children.

Many of you now, especially those who love Me, are being turned away from My Holy Word.

One of Satan’s favourite taunts is to convince you that Divine Messages do not contain prophecies which cause fear.

Surely such messages can only from the evil one?

How Satan laughs at his own cunning deceit.

Satan will convince you that My messages come from him, so desperate is he to convince you not to follow my instructions.

You My followers must be told the Truth.

I must prepare you and that means warning you in advance of things to come only to protect you. To save you.

Never listen to this lie.

My messages are given to you out of My Divine Love for the whole of creation. Allow Me to guide you like any good parent.

By listening to Me and following My instructions of prayer I will protect you.

Fear does not come from Me. When you believe in Me and trust Me you will not be fearful, no matter how much evil is presented to you through the sins of mankind.

One thing you must never do is to hide and assume that all will be well.

For to do so you dismiss the existence of evil in the world.
Accept that Satan exists. Believe that prayer can, and will, dilute his powers.
Then stand up and take responsibility, as a follower of Me, Jesus Christ.
When you face the truth, allow Me to lead you and fear will not enter your heart. Your Beloved Jesus

Know that the 1,000 years referred to in the Book of Revelation means just that

Monday, May 28th, 2012 @ 20:45

My dearly beloved daughter when man questions the Teachings contained in the Holy Bible this is normal human nature.

When man twists the teachings in the Holy Bible to suit his own agenda this offends Me.

But when My sacred servants denounce parts of the Holy Bible and throw them to one side, as if they are of no consequence, they deny Me, the Son of Man.

Everything contained within the Holy Bible comes from My Eternal Father who has sanctioned every single word through His anointed ones.

Believe that the Holy Word of God is contained in My Father’s Book, not one word a lie.

Why then do those who profess to be scholars and experts in the Truth contained with the Holy Bible question My Holy Word as I present it to you in these Messages?

My Truth is being given to you now, once again, to refresh your memories, to remind you of the Teachings contained therein. To My children on earth, know that prophecies contained in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation still have to take


Know that the 1,000 years referred to in the Book of Revelation means just that.

If it was meant to be something different then it would have been given a different time.

My Church, the Catholic Church, has not declared their beliefs because they have not done this yet.

My Remnant Church, the remaining tendrils of My Catholic Church on earth will understand the true meaning of My Era of Peace on earth.

You are in the end times but the earth will be renewed.

I call out to all of you, My sacred servants. My voice is hoarse as I beg you to respond to My Holy Call from Heaven.

I, your beloved Saviour, have sent many seers and visionaries to you up to now. These helped open your minds to those events still to come.

I have waited until now to proclaim to the world the final revelations. I now send My last messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, the seventh messenger to prepare the final chapter as it is unveiled to you.

My voice is like thunder. It will continue to be heard all over the earth. It will not stop until the day I come to judge.

You may not listen to Me now. Many of you will dismiss My Word with an arrogance which wounds Me deeply.

Others will, through fear, ignore Me for it is easier that way. But soon the changes I speak about will come to pass. Then the Truth will begin to dawn on you.

I call you now and tell you this. I await your response whether or not it is now or in the future.

I am waiting. I will continue, patiently, until the day you come running to Me seeking My Protection.

I never give up on My chosen servants those whom I called out to in the first instance.

Do you remember the first time I called you? You felt My voice speaking to your soul urging you to join in union with Me. Can you hear Me now?

Ask Me to reveal to you now, that it is I, your Jesus begging you to come, rise and follow Me on this last arduous journey to Eternal Life. Do not fear My Call. Trust Me and say this prayer asking Me to let you hear My call.

Crusade Prayer (57) Prayer for the Clergy – Jesus let me hear your call

O my dear Jesus
Open my ears to the sound of Your Voice

Open my heart to Your loving call Fill my soul with the Holy Spirit
So I can recognise You at this time.

I offer You my humble allegiance to all
That You ask of Me
Help me to discern the Truth, rise, respond and follow your voice so I can help You to save the Souls of all of humanity

Your will is my command
Give me the courage to let You guide me
So I can take up the armour needed to lead Your Church towards Your New Kingdom.

Remember, I Jesus Christ, will never allow My Sacred Servants to wander off the Path of Truth. I will stand at every corner, every avenue and point you in the right direction.

You may find this frustrating at times. You may be confused. You may not want to hear the Truth. You may be fearful. But know this.

I will always love you. I will always be at your side. I will never desert you.
Your beloved Jesus

Prayers can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 @ 17:42

My dearly beloved daughter My prophets, My messengers and all the true visionaries in the world are uniting in spirit to proclaim My Holy Word at this time.

Those chosen for the difficult mission, to ensure that the souls of the whole of humanity are prepared for My Second Coming, are being instructed to call out to the world.

They will soon urge for urgent prayer to help those who will suffer in the coming wars.

The time is near for wars to break out and many innocent souls will be the victims in these hate filled terrors against God’s children.

Many will be torn in different directions in these wars and much confusion will exist in the Middle East.

So many little wars will escalate.

So many sides splintered in all directions at first, will merge into only a small number of sides.

Then the larger armies will become involved with many nations joining in.

How My tears fall over this terrible evil led through the influence of Satan who wants to kill as many people as possible and as quickly as possible.

Pray for these wars to be diluted.

Pray that God’s children, through their prayers, can avert the atrocities being planned urging the use of nuclear bombs.

My dearest daughter, Satan will do everything in his power at this time to encourage the Catholic Church to denounce you and to declare these messages heresy.

You must ignore these attacks. All those who follow My teachings need only follow their hearts for they will find it easy to discern the truth.

If My prophets were not given the graces from Heaven to withstand such persecution, then My Holy Word, My instructions to prepare all of God’s children for My Second Coming would not be heard.

Were it not for the stubborn persistence of all God’s prophets and God’s messengers, from the beginning of time, then God’s children would remain ignorant.

Once the knowledge is given to you, My precious followers, you must never be afraid for you are following the path to Eternal Life. Any other path, irrespective of the glorious, but worthless, temptations which pull you towards worldly trappings will not lead you to Me.

For if, and when, the lies about My Holy Eucharist begin to emerge you must be brave and walk away. Pray for strength, determination and courage to follow me on the final Path to Salvation.
Your beloved Jesus

My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter the torment inflicted on you by those lacking in true humility, but who profess to speak in My Name, will intensify now.

Listen to no voice only Mine.Do not engage or respond to those who insult Me.

They have allowed human pride to block Me and then, not only is that not enough, they persecute Me.

My Second Coming will be similar to events which took place during My time on earth the first time.

My Holy Word will be questioned, criticised, dismissed and then rejected.

The first to reject Me will be My own, those souls who love Me the most. They will stand front in line to throw the first stone.

My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering.

I agonised over the sins of mankind, not only those who lived at that time, but those who reject Me today. Those who reject Me today hurt Me more because I died for their sins. They have learnt nothing.

Then those who mocked Me and tore My eye out with the thorn, the sharpest one in the Crown of Thorns, are those representatives of My Church on Earth.

They won’t accept My Second Coming or the warnings I reveal to them now.
Every word uttered from My lips is being devoured by those humble souls like children in a famine.
Yet those nourished by the knowledge of the Truth of My Teachings, turn their heads and look the other way.
Humility is no longer present in the souls of many of My followers so that they will be unable to benefit from My special Graces. Until you become little in the eyes of God you cannot hear Me.

Until you denounce pride and arrogance you will not feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

When you reject Me today you plunge the first nail into My wrist.

When you, My sacred servants, denounce My Holy Word, given to you now, you drive the second nail into My other wrist.

For those poor souls who have no interest in My Teachings or the Salvation I gave the world, through My Death on the Cross, they have no one to guide them.

They are the victims here. They are not being led towards Me. They are being denied the chance to prepare for My Second Coming.

Now I call all of My followers to prepare.The battle among believers will begin soon. One half will not only denounce these messages, they will try to ban them.

The other half will use them to convert others.

Those simple lost souls who don’t know Me at all, will know Me as soon as I reveal the Truth to them during The Warning.

It will be easier for them to see the Truth than it will for those who say they love Me but who deny Me now.

This is why you need to pray for the graces to allow you to see Me, hear Me and to let Me prepare you for My Second Coming.

Never believe that to truly follow Me, especially in these the End Times, will be easy.

For this time, silent homage to My Holy Word, will not be enough.

You will be like a new recruit in any army. You will need to train, renew your souls and come to Me through the Sacraments, before you will be strong enough and brave enough to spread My Holy Word.

The spread of My Crusade Prayers will be your first task.

You, My army will lead the biggest Crusade of My Holy Mission on earth ever. You will start small but will swell to 20 million.

The prayers and suffering of My Remnant Church can be enough to save the whole of humanity. Never forget that your prayers can save the souls of the most grievous sinners so powerful is prayer. So prepare to gather together. Prepare well because efforts will be made to stop you.Accept the abusive insults which will be flung at you.

Know that every kind of argument will be presented to you in order to stop you in your mission.But know that I guide you, steer you and make you strong.

Know also that you, My Army, will be responsible for the salvation of millions of souls. Souls who would have had no hope at all.

Let My love touch your soul and bind you together as one, in union with Me, your Jesus.

Allow Me to cover you with My Precious Blood and bestow My Gifts to help you stay loyal to Me so that, no matter how strong the temptation is, you never deny My call to you now.

I bless you all My strong Army.

I will lead you in your march to the New Era of Peace every step of the way.

Your beloved Saviour Redeemer of Mankind Jesus Christ

Virgin Mary: June Crusade of Conversion Month

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 @ 21:00

My child every effort is being made by Satan and those souls he has infected to undermine my Son’s Most Holy Word.

Always remember that Satan plants the first seeds of doubts within the hearts of chosen souls.

The worst condemnation will be poured upon these Holy Messages by those who are intimately united to my Precious Son.

When Satan does this he wins souls.

Do not let him do this My child. Walk away and do not engage with him.

My Son never defended His Holy Word nor should you succumb to this temptation.

The scale of satanic influence is growing and spreading throughout the world.

My poor children suffer so and I weep tears of sorrow when I see their dismay and sorrow.

Pray, my children for peace at this time so that God’s children everywhere will turn to my Son for strength.

Only divine intervention, given through the graces provided through your prayers, can ease your pain and suffering.

My Son yearns for souls to turn to Him for only He can give them the comfort they need. Nothing else will provide relief from the torment you now endure.

I urge you children to dedicate the month of June to the conversion of mankind and to ensure that they will seek salvation.

Call this month the Crusade of Conversion month and pray as one through prayer groups throughout the world.

Here is the Crusade Prayer for the Crusade of Converstion

Crusade Prayer (58) Crusade of Conversion Prayer

O dear Jesus I call on you to embrace
all God’s children and cover them with Your Precious Blood
Let each drop of Your Blood cover
every soul to shield them from the evil one

Open the hearts of all especially hardened souls and those who know You, but who are stained with The sin of pride, to fall down and beg for the light of Your Love to flood their souls

Open their eyes to see the Truth so that the dawn
of Your Divine Mercy will shower down upon them so they are covered with the Rays of Your Mercy.

Convert all souls through the graces I ask you for now Dear Jesus (personal intention here)

I beg you for Mercy and offer you this gift of fasting for one day Every week for this month of June in atonement for all sins.

Children you must fast for one day each week in the month of June.
You must recite My Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily.
Doing this children you will save the souls of millions through the Mercy of My Son Jesus Christ. Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination.

Friday, June 1st, 2012 @ 20:15

My dearly beloved daughter the antichrist is preparing, already, his peace plan which he will introduce soon after the wars become widespread in the Middle East and when the pain and terrible anguish means there is no sign of hope.

Then he will appear suddenly and announce himself to the world as a man of peace, a bright jewel which will sparkle in the midst of darkness.

As he emerges he will be seen as one of the most charismatic political leaders of all time.

His handsome, appealing and caring personality will fool the majority of people.

He will exude love and compassion and will be seen to be Christian. In time he will draw many followers who will grow in their numbers so that he becomes like Me, the Messiah.

He will be seen to promote unity among all nations and he will be loved in almost every country in the world.

Then he will be seen to have supernatural skills. Many will believe that he has been sent by My Father and that he is Me, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the World.

They will pray to him, love him, give up their lives for him and he will laugh and mock them when they cannot see him.

This will be the biggest deception of all time and the plan is to steal your souls, to take you away from Me.

He and the False Prophet, who will sit like a King in the Seat of Peter, will secretly plot a one world religion.

This will appear to be a Christian type religion which promotes love. It will, however, not promote love of one another which comes from God. Instead it will promote love and allegiance to the antichrist and love of oneself.

The abomination does not stop there for when they have seduced God’s children the attack will begin.

Suddenly all will be asked to accept the one world Mark of Allegiance. A united world which all men will have to partake in.

It will control your money, your access to food and how you live.

Rules, many of them, will mean that you will become prisoners. The key to your cell, which keeps you under their control, will be the Mark of the Beast.

666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination.

Once embedded it will poison, not only your mind and soul, but your body. For it will cause a plague designed to wipe out much of the world’s population.

You must not accept the Mark. Instead I will instruct you what to do.

Many will accept the Mark because they will feel helpless.

The Seal of the Living God, My Crusade Prayer (33) is your lifeline.

When you receive My Seal of Protection, given to you by My Eternal Father, you will not have to accept the Mark.

You will not be touched. Your home will not be seen, searched or a target for it will be rendered invisible in the eyes of Satan’s army.

You will need to keep food hidden which will last a few years. You will need to grow your own crops, store your own water and keep all Holy objects around you.

My Remnant Church will grow and spread out and you will be given shelter if it is needed.

Much planning is needed now.

Those who laugh at what you do, or say, surely Jesus would not ask you to do this? Does He not supply all His followers at their time of need?

Even one loaf and one fish can be multiplied. So it does not matter if you only have some food for I will protect you and you will

be safe.

Pray hard for those souls who will be unable to avoid the Mark.

Those innocent souls will be saved who are in a state of grace at the time of being forced to accept the chip.

The rest of you must plan to protect your family and your allegiance to the Holy Eucharist and the Mass.

When the antichrist devours all religions the only weapons which he will be powerless against is the Holy Mass and the Transubstantiation of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, in the Holy Eucharist.

My Masses must continue. Those of you who know this must gather in numbers now and start the preparations.

The sooner you prepare the more graces you will be given to grow your ranks around the world.

The Rock will become laden with a new building which they say will be My New Temple. But this is untrue.

But when the persecution ends My Remnant Church and My Chosen People will have the Temple rebuilt and My New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven.

She will descend in glory. The trumpets will be heard in Heaven and on earth at the same time.

And then I will come. You, my daughter will herald my arrival and many will fall on the ground and weep with relief, love and joy in ecstasy.

For, at last the moment they have been waiting for. The skies will light up, the thunder will peal and the choirs of angels will sing in sweet unison as all God’s children will welcome the True Messiah.

I, Jesus Christ, will come to judge. And the Heavens and the Earth will become one.

The New Glorious splendour, the renewed earth, will emerge and the New Paradise will embrace all those whose names are in the Book of the Living who will unite as one.

And while the end of the old earth, soiled with the stain of sin, will have come to an end the New Era is only beginning.

This is what you must strive for. This is what you are entitled to as part of your natural inheritance.

Only focus on the saving of all souls.

This is why you must ignore the obstacles presented to you. The persecution. The pain. The horror of evil by the hands of others. All that matters is the saving of souls.

Your Saviour Jesus Christ

Virgin Mary I revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 @ 11:00

My child it is important that all those who love my Son pray for the graces of strength and perseverance at this time. The knowledge being revealed to you children through these messages is to help you prepare.
Never feel you, as God’s army, will not be able to withstand the evil regime about to show itself in the world shortly. Always remember the power of My Holy Rosary.

Always remember the power of My Father is the greatest power of all.

No power is so strong that it can defeat the most Glorious Power of God.

When you are a true child of God, when you come to the Father through my Son, you will be protected.

Fear is caused by the unknown but it can also be caused when the Truth is revealed.

Allow the graces which are being given to you through the Crusade Prayers to give you the peace of mind and strength of soul to march for the salvation of souls.

The more souls who are converted to the love of my Son, the stronger will your Crusade be.

Love one another and join in prayer to help save God’s children from the antichrist.

Pray, pray, pray that every soul will be brave enough to reject his poisonous mark.

I have revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette so long ago. The time for these prophecies to unfold is soon.

These children were told of the evil plans and accepted what I told them. Now you, children, must accept that these events must take place.

You must pray hard to dilute and mitigate much of the pain which will have to be endured by humanity.

Be brave children.
Trust in my Son and allow Him the freedom to guide you as He must so that souls can be saved from the clutches of the beast. Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

Jesus: Never falter. Never doubt My Hand of Protection.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 @ 21:00

My dearly beloved daughter when My followers allow Me to flood their souls with My unconditional love I will ignite within them a strength that will startle them.

Come to Me like trusting children with a simple and open heart, with no expectations, and I will bring you a peace which you will not find anywhere else.

While I weep at the way in which evil and greed have gripped the world I am also full of joy because of the pure love My followers show to Me, their Jesus.

How they bring Me solace, comfort and how I wish I could wrap them in My Arms.

How I wish they could hear Me tell them how much I love them.

How I long for the day when I reach out My hand, grasp their hand in Mine and draw them into My New Kingdom when they will come home to Me at last.

That day is not far away.

To all My followers you must listen to Me at this time.

You must be strong and persevere during the trials ahead and never lose heart.

Walking along the path, carved out for you towards My Kingdom, will hurt you. Many of you will trip and stumble.

Some of you will run back the way you came.

Others will sit down, give up and remain stuck between the beginning of their journey and the gates to Eternal Life. So weak will their faith become because of the obstacles they will face.

The stronger ones will be fearless. They will want to forge ahead and charge with every ounce of energy into the New Era of Peace.

Nothing will stand in their way. They will know how to withstand the sufferings ahead. They will know how to fight the enemy. With little fear in their hearts they will listen to every instruction given to them by Me.

They must always strive to go back and carry those who are weaker. Those who are fearful. They must carry on their shoulders those who lack the will and the courage to stand up in My Name.

Those who refuse your help will be left behind and will become part of the Kingdom of the Beast from which there is no escape.

Never falter, Never doubt My Hand of Protection.
If you submit everything to My Holy Will I will look after everything.
Trust in Me. Follow Me.
The time is short yet the time is plentiful in which to prepare for the battle which lies ahead. I love all of you. Never forget the power of My Love.
Your beloved Saviour
King of Salvation
Jesus Christ

Spend the month of June in quiet contemplation as instructed by My Beloved Mother.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter My followers must spend the month of June in quiet contemplation as instructed by My Beloved Mother.

This month is the time when ,through the Crusade of Conversion, many people can receive the graces of instant conversion through the sacrifices made by those of you who respond to My Mother, the Mother of Salvation.

You need to be quiet this month.

Please, I urge you to visit your churches as much as you can to recite My Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 O’Clock.

Catholics please receive My Holy Eucharist every day if possible during this month.

For this month will be the time when the plans, silently underway to increase unrest in the Middle East, are being finalised.

Be strong. Be patient. Be humble of heart.
Submit your will to Me and offer your trials and sacrifices for the conversion of all sinners. Go in peace My beloved followers.
My Holy Spirit is covering you all at this time as I beckon you to this special devotion. Your beloved Jesus

Just as I was rejected the first time I will be rejected the second time

Monday, June 4th, 2012 @ 15:20

My dearly beloved daughter very few of My chosen people, the Jews, accepted Me as the true Messiah when I came into the world and died for the sins of mankind.

This time very few Christians will realise it is I who speaks to them now before I come the second time.

They will believe the lies which sprout from the lips of liars, the false prophets whom they will love, while they will reject Me with a hatred that is at odds with their love of God.

Just as I was rejected the first time I will be rejected the second time.

You must not feel sad at the way I am mocked, kicked, punched and My messages ridiculed. For such hatred against My Holy Word can only come from Satan. If Satan’s fury becomes intense as it is now then you can be sure that he worries about the souls I intend to save from his clutches.

Block your ears. Look straight in front of you and focus only on Me.

Every kind of attack will be hurled at you, My followers, to stop you from following Me.

Every argument against My Word by those who boast of their expertise in Holy Spiritual matters must be cast aside.

They do not have the Holy Spirit in their souls for they are not worthy because of the sin of pride.

Just as I suffered the scourging at the pillar so, too, will I suffer again as My Holy Word now is torn apart with hatred by those who want to ensure that My Word is rejected.

I say to those souls now. If you will not accept My Hand of Mercy to save humanity why do you hold such hatred in your hearts?

Don’t you know that you are being tempted by the evil one who wants to blind you to the Truth?

Hatred, calumny and slander do not come from Me. When you allow those vile sins to overcome you, you do not love Me.

You will come back to Me when you come before Me during The Warning if you have the humility necessary to ask Me to forgive you.

If you do not remain silent now you will suffer and your remorse will leave you weak and trembling before Me. How you wound Me.
How you make Me suffer.
You scourge Me just as I was scourged the first time. Yet you say you are a Holy Disciple of Mine. You are a cause of great sorrow to Me.

To My followers I say ignore these taunts.

Do not open your mouths or engage with those who show anger, hatred and who claim, at the same time, to love Me.

How can you love Me when you do not show love or patience to one another.

You are hypocrites if you scourge another in My Name.

Now the time is ripe for the second rejection, no different from the first time.

The ridicule will mean that those self-proclaimed Holy disciples will mock My prophets by trying to trip them up by questioning their knowledge of Scripture.

My prophets do not understand scripture and they will not defend My word.

Yet these so called Holy disciples, just as it was during the Crowning of Thorns on My Head, will try to make My prophets look stupid and unworthy.

Then they will go to great lengths to name and shame them while professing, at the same time, how knowledgeable they are of My Teachings.

The bullying will continue until it will be relieved after The Warning when these souls will realise the error they have made.

They will weep and suffer because of this but I will forgive them because I love them.

But then many will not repent. They will inflict terrible suffering and persecution on My end time prophets. Not for one moment will they give up.

Every hurt, insult and assault will be hurled at them in the My Name, Jesus Christ, Son of Man.

They will deny Me, through My Holy Word given to them today, right up to the end.

Then they will be given one more time to accept the Book of Truth. They will either accept Me or reject Me.

Then I will gather all those humble souls who love Me and the New Heaven and the New Earth will merge.

Those who still reject Me will be cast into the Fires of Hell.

I come one last time to save you.

Open your hearts and see that it is I, Jesus, who calls you now.

If you cannot see this then you need much prayer to enable the Holy Spirit to truly enter your souls.

Remember those who are blessed with the Holy Spirit do not insult others , commit calumny or spread hatred against God’s children.

They do not want to control God’s children. They do not break the Ten Commandments.

Your Jesus

Satan intends to poison the minds of some of My chosen souls towards this Mission

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 @ 22:00

My daughter it is unwise for those who follow My visionaries all over the world to succumb to the evil one’s new plan.

He intends to poison the minds of some of my chosen souls towards this mission.

He will turn one against the other.

He will create doubts amongst them against these Holy Messages and it will cause you much grief and sorrow.

The spiritual jealousy will mount like a beast rising from beneath the ocean and it will pour a terrible deluge of hatred not only upon My Messages but on you.

You must pray for it will happen soon.

Await these events in daily prayer and do not allow this series of attacks to discourage you.

My followers must stay alert to this for when it starts, within the next month, you too will be tempted to doubt My Holy Word.

This prophecy will unfold before you and will be the most vicious and hurtful assault on this mission so far.

Not only will the attacks spring from those who promote the messages of those they believe to be authentic modern day visionaries and prophets, they will be supported by some of My Sacred Servants.

The venom will poison many souls and many will reject Me.

Ignore these attacks My daughter. Move forward and give the world My messages as quickly as you can.

It is important that you spread My Holy Word and My prayers even among those who do not want to listen to Me. For many, when presented with these messages, will feel a compunction to do so and they will then be given graces to see the Truth.

Never ever underestimate the power of Satan’s influence over you.
He targets, especially, the souls I need to help Me in My Mission to save humanity. Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ